The Environmental Technology Network Danube Region (ETNDR) was part of the Priority Area 8 (PA 8) of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) and has been run until March 2016 by Umwelttechnik BW. The ETNDR aimed to improve the environmental conditions, to increase the market opportunities for environmental technologies and to connect different stakeholders in the Danube Region.

Work on the ETNDR has been discontinued effective 1st of March 2016

What is CompA ETNDR?

The Competence Atlas Environmental Technology Network Danube Region (CompA ETNDR) connects the ETNDR members. CompA ETNDR presents a detailed picture of the constantly growing ETNDR members and their leading competences in the field of environmental technologies from the whole Danube Region. The comprehensive presentation of the ETNDR members is open to all interested stakeholders.

Who and what can be found in CompA ETNDR?

In CompA ETNDR all of the existing and future ETNDR members can introduce and present their products, services and technologies. The access to CompA ETNDR gives an opportunity for the ETNDR members to learn more about the other members of the network and to exchange contacts, experiences and new ideas.  CompA ETNDR serves also as a tool for finding new partners and new investment possibilities. CompA ETNDR gives a chance for potential customers to find their most suitable provider of environmental technologies in the Danube Region.

Advantages of CompA ETNDR

Clearly structured company profiles of the ETNDR members provide information about their:

  • technologies, services and products
  • leading markets and references
  • R&D and innovation activities
  • foreign market activities

CompA ETNDR promotes transparency in the market of environmental technologies in the Danube Region.  

Become an ETNDR member free of charge and register your company now! We look forward to your feedback about this Web Atlas and rely on your active participation!

CompA ETNDR is a service of Umwelttechnik BW and as part of the Priority Area 8 of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region is supported by the State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg, the Ministry of Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector as well as the Ministry of Finance and Economics of Baden-Württemberg.