Socially responsible companies donate IT hardware which they no longer require to AfB gemeinnützige GmbH. The goods are collected, inventorized and all data is certifiably erased. They are then tested, cleaned and finally marketed again with a warranty of at least 12 months.

Setting up a not-for-profit company in the IT sector has never been done before. AfB was founded in 2004 by personally committed private individuals with a social focus. This social enterprise now employs a total workforce of over 250 in 16 locations in Europe. Half of those employed have a disability and have been enabled to gain quality employment through the scheme. The company processes over 230.000 used appliances a year and the tendency is rising.

As well as creating 500 jobs for disabled men and women over the coming years, the remarketing of IT equipment will make a valuable contribution in terms of cutting carbon emissions. Remarketing PCs, notebooks and other hardware will help to reduce the need for separation of the raw materials used in IT appliances in third-world countries, which poses a risk to health and to the environment.

The AfB model is seen as a prime example of successful social entrepreneurship, as it combines professional IT services with social added value, and is the proud recipient of the 2012 Vision Award.

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