AVEREM is a process engineering company dealing with mass and energy balances. AVEREM is a young company but can go back many years with its technical expertises. Founded in 2013, AVEREM engineering team represents several decades of process engineering practice. An anchor point of AVEREM's work is chemistry: its expertise in the fields of chemical process engineering, mixed-phase thermodynamics, environmental technology, plant engineering, up to approval support, forms the basis of our services. A second anchor point is the use of physically founded models to handle the projects. This ranges from fluid mechanics CFD models, through thermodynamic flow simulation, to mass transfer models according to the two-film theory. The mass and energy balance models, which can be visualized using Sankey diagrams, hold a special place. Over the years, this has led to the development of different emphases in process and plant simulation. (a) Model-based analysis (b) process planning and (c) audit and optimization. Details can be found on our homepage www.averem.com.

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Water sector / water purification
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