The Berghof  group of companies based in Eningen u. A. (in the Reutlingen region) is the leading provider of technically sophisticated, user-oriented industrial products and services. The product divisions of contract analytics, PTFE products, laboratory equipment, control technology, membrane  filtration, test engineering, controls and environmental engineeering are part of the company group. With branches in Eningen, Tübingen, Chemnitz, Mühlhausen and Ravensburg, as well as a globally authorised sales partner network on virtually every continent, delivery to customers in ever corner of the world is guaranteed.


The family business was founded in 1966, and following the death of Prof Georg Zundel in 2005 has been run by a second generation in the form of his sons Johannes, Georg and Maxim Zundel . Stefan Stemmer has been President of the Berghof group since 2014.

Measuring groundwater flow with Thermo-Flowmeter
Biopulse - The new standard in adaptability
Innovative laboratory equipment solutions


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