Clarification (LHPS) – LHPS Reactor – Precipitation, flocculation, sedimentation, clarification and sludge thickening in a compact structure

  • High process stability also at changing raw water conditions
  • High outlet quality
  • High sludge concentration (integrated thickener)
  • Minimal space requirement (<35% compared to conventional solutions)

Biologically Aerated Filtration (BAF) – Biofiltration

Biologically Aerated Filtration (BAF) – Biofiltration – BOD & COD- removal, nitrification, de-nitrification of wastewater and polluted surface water | Biology and sludge retention in a compact structure

  • High biological performance
  • ​Fully automatic operation with load-dependent backwashing
  • Modular multi-stage structure for carbon removal, nitrification and pre- and post-denitrification
  • Space requirement <50% compared to conventional systems 
  • Full enclosure possible

BiosS-Treat®-Filtration / Reverse Osmosis (RO)

BiosS-Treat®-Filtration / Reverse Osmosis (RO) – Patent protected process / Biologically activated media filtration and biostatics dosing | TOC removing precursor for reverse osmosis | Prevention of biofouling

  • Drastic extension of the cleaning intervals of reverse osmosis systems for surface water use
  • Maximized life of reverse osmosis membranes
  • Significant operating cost savings and protection of the environment

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