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BIODEGMA® as the market leader of waste treatment systems using semi-permeable laminates has a proven track record of more than 1.200.000 tons capacity installed. We can show long term experience in treating various waste streams e.g. MSW, kitchen waste, green waste and sewage sludge for different applications. Since 1996 our company has installed more than 55 plants with the size of the plants varying from 5.000 -150.000 tons per annum. You will find plants built by BIODEGMA® in various countries in Europe where they are performing under different – even extreme - climate conditions, among them Spain, Finland, the North of Sweden and Poland. BIODEGMA® is and has always been an engineering company and thus has expertise and experience in the design, delivery and operation of waste treatment plants. We are proud of our highly developed understanding of the treatment of a wide range of waste streams including all kinds of organics, municipal waste streams and industrial wastes. The BIODEGMA technology is designed to be a highly reliable, durable and sustainable technology. Its modular design permits incremental development and allows the system to be used to meet changing waste arising. The very low energy consumption and the high flexibility in both, design and operation help our clients to run their plants efficiently.

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