As an Energy Consultant we are an independent Service provider and not  contracted to any specific products or companies. We independently advise you concerning the efficient use of Energy. In this we analyze the available Energy Sources from locations and find measures to save Energy and costs. The energy consultation, analyzes technical individual object situations  regardless of how energy is now currently used. Many aspects must be  considered from energy production to delivery to connections, storage and  consumptions conversions and recovery, to produce energy savings. The  recommended measures will include economic as well as ecological  considerations.

The Consultation Report will provide you as a basis for effective changes  and renovations. Only certified Energy Consultants are authorized to submit requests for certain supportive actions to government approval authorities. Energy advisors in their recommendations must adhere to appropriate  thermal insulation protection laws, valid energy savings ordnances and  technical regulations. They may make additional recommendations when  seem practicable and advantageous.

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