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Production processes produce exhaust gases and vapors that can harm the environment, these exhaust gases and vapors must be removed from the exhaust air before the process air is released into the atmosphere. The key tasks include: » Cleaning exhaust air from production processes » Removing exhaust gases from the reaction processes » Complying with statutory guidlines for emission control while reducing the use of primary energy sources »Eliminating unwanted odors

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The potential from the use of untapped energy sources is immense. Energy efficiency means making meaningful use of existing waste heat and applying it more effectively. Together with partner companies, Dürr offers a variety of innovative energy efficiency technologies that seamlessly complement each other. Our products use excess process heat, waste heat, as well as conventional and alternative fuels to store, relay, or transform energy or to convert it into electricity.

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System Assessments: » Expert and thorough knowledge for complete systems » Complete diagnostic assessment of the systems current condition » Assessment focus can be crafted to closely match operational objectives » Additional consultation and planning og measures

Inspection and Maintenance:
» Preventive inspections and servicing
» Expert troubleshooting and fault correction
» Service hotline
» Remote diagnostic

Modification and Conversation: » Design and planning of new production solutions » Upgrade of existing plants to the latest state of the art technology » Capacity expansions and reduction in unit costs and energy costs

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