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Lechler is Europe’s No. 1 choice and is one of the leading nozzle and systems providers worldwide. For over 135 years, we have pioneered numerous groundbreaking developments in this field. We combine comprehensive nozzle engineering expertise with a deep understanding of application-specific requirements to create products with our 680-strong workforce that offer outstanding performance and reliability.
Today, Lechler manufactures nozzles in Germany, England, Hungary, India, China and the USA. Despite international alignments we remain a Swabian family company with passion for precision, innovation and the drive to always become better at our core.

Lechler VarioClean - NOx & STEAG SNCR - The denitrification solution that grows with you


Lechler is partner of the synergy alliance for air pollution control
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Nozzle Lances and Systems for the Cement Industry
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