Offering all engineering services from consulting and planning to commissioning in the fields of energy, water and infrastructure, RBS wave provides you with advisory support.

Thereby the company acts within the following sub-areas:

  • Energy    
    • Energy management and audits
    • Distributed energy, heat and refrigeration technology
    • District and local heat
    • Geothermal energy
    • Biogas
    • E-/ MSR technology, process control systems   
  • Water
    • Water loss management
    • Sourcing
    • Purification
    • Storage
    • Transport and distribution
    • Operation management wastewater
  • Infrastructure
    • Pipeline network calculation and analysis, network rehabilitation
    • Geo technical engineering and contaminated site management
    • Gas pipeline testing
    • Developments
    • Industrial construction
    • Cathodic corrosion protection

As service provider with ling-standing experience, the company’s work is safe, sustained and powerful. RBS wave offers you an extensive services portfolio and their wealth of experience from several locations in the State of Baden-Württemberg in the south of Germany, but organized under one roof.

Apart from the traditional consulting and engineering tasks in the utility industry, RBS wave offers innovative solutions for cathodic corrosion protection, gas pipeline inspection and wastewater operational management.

Municipal administrations of cities and smaller communities, public utilities, regional and local supply companies as well as special purpose associations and industry find a reliable partner in the company.

The company’s contribution to a continuous improvement of infrastructure and the supply networks and their emphasis on resource saving are the basis of their success.

It is the company’s task to accompany you safely, successfully and with responsibility for the environment on your journey into the future.

RBS wave stands for:

  • Being a solidly grown company with a safe, competent foundation.

  • Offering highly specialized engineering services in the fields of energy, water and infrastructure.

  • Trusting 120 employees who use their valuable know-how with focus and efficiency.

  • Making a valuable contribution towards ensuring safe supply for people.

  • Standing for a responsible use of resources and the development of sustainable solutions.

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