RCT Power Battery

The high voltage battery from RCT Power guarantees highest efficiency and autonomy. The modular system can be upgraded and adapted to fit user requirements. Your system grows to accommodate new energy consuming appliances, e.g. an electric car. All our batteries are delivered in the elegant design that is typical for RCT Power.

The RCT Power Battery excels at safety and in battery lifetime. The energy storage for solar electricity uses lithium iron phosphate battery cells that are considered to be among the safest lithium ion batteries. Add the wiring technology and a very high value battery management system – all Made in Germany – and RCT Power battery will be the ideal solution for your storage requirements.

RCT Power Storage

The RCT Power Storage DC and AC are clever inverter with battery connection to enable private consumption of the solar energy you have generated with your photovoltaic installation. They distribute solar power intelligently, optimise yield and utilise the battery responsibly.

Environmental network

set your environmental networks