SolarSpring systems provide clean water for domestic and industrial applications using only clean energy.  Water desalination and purification are driven with solar thermal heat, waste heat or PV power.  Pumping and electrical needs are also solar powered. 

Solar energy is a clean but cyclical power source.  SolarSpring systems are engineered for intermittent operation and intelligently adapt to changing conditions.  The combination of clean energy and proven water technologies provide a range of systems for reliable, decentralised water treatment.

Solar Water Desalination

SolarSpring desalination solutions are based on membrane distillation (MD), a technology ideally suited for solar energy or waste heat.  Our spiral-wound MD modules are low-fouling and operate over a wide range of salinities.  The resulting clean energy desalination systems are low maintenance, require little pre-treatment, and are effective under varying operating conditions.

Solar Water Purification

SolarSpring water purification solutions are based on ultrafiltration, ultraviolet (UV) disinfection or anodic oxidation (AO) disinfection technologies. Ultrafiltration membranes filter out particles and microorganisms, making tainted water safe to drink. UV disinfection uses high intensity ultraviolet rays to destroy microorganisms in drinking water supplies. Anodic oxidation (AO) is based on an electrolytic process in which the necessary disinfectant is produced from the minerals in the water.

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