Rotating immersion disk technology

System S&P® has been growing to a specialist in Rotating Immersion Disk Technology for biological wastewater treatment.

The biological film is exposed in turns  to the ambient atmosphere and the waste water by the rotating disks . This results in an effective cleaning oft he residual water as well in terms of carbon degradation as nitrate degradation.

As this technology just sways the biological mass and not atmosphere or the water, this process is energy saving and effective.

Beeing an aerobic process unpleasant odors are avoided.



Lamella separator technology

The Lamella separator technology is the most effective solution for sludge produced by rotation immersion disks. Higher density and thus a moore effective sedimentation of sludge are advantages of the RID enabling the use of lamella seperator technology.

System S&P® Lamella separator technology uses only 20% ground area compared to common sedimentation tanks.

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