THERMO-SYSTEM - The No.1 in drying with solar energy

Save on waste disposal cost through mass reduction!

…by drying sewage sludge with solar or thermal energy. THERMO-SYSTEM has installed more than 150 drying plants for sewage sludge,  biosolids, bio digestate or other substrates worldwide, varying from 1 000 to 600 000 people equivalent. THERMO-SYSTEM offers customized solutions for any needs: Whether purely solar sludge drying or supported by the use of waste heat, whether Electric Mole or SludgeManager, the technology is robust, durable requires low maintenance. With THERMO-SYSTEM solar, solar-thermal or thermal drying of sewage sludge all ways of disposal are open: agricultural use, landfill or the use as RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) in incineration.

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